Our Favourite Cooking Classes in Montreal

We spend a lot of time at Notable telling you where the best restaurants are across the city and where to buy the best produce and meats. So we figure it’s about time to point you in the direction of where to learn the skills to cook spectacular meals for yourself at home (or for that special someone when the time is right). Below our some of our favourite cooking classes available to you throughout the city.

Appetite for Books388 Victoria Ave
At this Westmount-based bookstore with an open demonstration kitchen at the back, there is always a bustle as classes and demonstrations are constantly going on. Demos are run by visiting chefs and authors, and classes are offered year round which provide their students a great overview on the basics of cooking. You’ll be a star at-home chef in no time! Oh, and by the way, this is also a wicked cookbook store as well. Worth a visit…

Academie Culinaire360 Champ-de-Mars
Located on the edge of Old Montreal, this modern facility opened in 1985 and offers classes that are a good reflection of changing tastes. They have different categories of classes; offerings in chocolate and pastry fill up fast and those featuring duck are also popular. There is a constant demand for courses in traditional French and Italian cuisine, but also starting to grow in popularity are their Thai, Szechuan, and Indian courses.

Ateliers & Saveurs444 Saint-Francois-Xavier
This Old Montreal spot takes an all-inclusive approach to the love of cooking and food in general, offering classes in tasting wine and mixing cocktails, as well as cooking classes. While one of the two instructors, Rodolfo Martins, previously worked in the kitchen of the Michelin three-star restaurant Le Meurice in Paris, he is still committed to empowering the ‘at-home’ chef. It is not rare to find a group from this cooking school out and about at the Atwater Market with their instructor, learning how to choose good ingredients.

Image courtesy stock.xchang.