Our Favourite Coffee Houses in Calgary

Meetings are a part of many workdays for us young professionals, and, of course, you may not care to have yours in a stuffy boardroom. (Or maybe you work freelance and simply don’t have an office from where you can conduct your business.) A simple solution is the local coffee shop. Bustling with activity, or perhaps it’s the caffeinated beverages, a coffee shop is a great place to get the creative juices flowing and to talk shop with colleagues or clients. Here’s our list of the top five local roasters favoured by Calgary young professionals.

Caffe Beano
A hub for Calgary’s more eclectic crowd, Beano is known almost as much for its patrons as it is for coffee. Grab a cup and enjoy the ambiance. The room, featuring white walls and huge windows, is cheery and inviting. And the layout creates several different spaces from which you can choose a table. Or if it’s a nice day out, consider sitting on one of the outdoor benches available to patrons.

Cafe Artigiano
A Vancouver company, Calgary’s first location is in the heart of the core. With such a prime location it has become a hub for much of Calgary’s corporate crowd, so expect to see some very well-dressed people sipping lattes and conducting business.

Located in both Art Central and Fashion Central, Deville often has a colourful blend of corporate and artistic crowds. The coffee is delicious, but their food is the real surprise. Though simple dishes, each is a blend of fresh ingredients and flavours. Consider them for those early morning or quick lunch meetings.

Phil and Sebastian
Started by two engineering students who were convinced there was a formula to the perfect cup of coffee, P&S is always bumping. With several locations in Calgary, it is great for Calgary’s young professionals who work remotely.

Cafe Vendome
Located in Sunnyside, Cafe Vendome is a charming spot for a coffee and fresh baked goods. With two rooms, there are plenty of tables where you can sit down and discuss business as you enjoy your morning cuppa joe. Their lunch menu is also fantastic, so why not make it a long meeting and stay for a mid-day meal as well?

Image courtesy stock.xchng.