Our Favourite Charcuterie in Montreal

Nothing says Quebecois like a plate of cured meats with a side of pickled vegetables. Of all the restaurants that boast serving local Quebec fare, we’d be surprised if even one of them omits a Charcuterie plate. Most of these restaurants cure their own in house, which makes each restaurant’s choices unique and different (and worth trying them all). From sausage to ham, pate to terrine, these spots have it all.

Le Chien Fumant
One of our favourite little spots towards the east end of the Plateau neighbourhood, this cozy bistro does comfort food to perfection. But by far what keeps us coming back is their house-made charcuterie plate, different every week, but always offering up a variety of choices and varying levels of spice. 4710 Lanaudiere.

We raved about this hot Mile End spot for its brunch, and now we must rave about it for its charcuterie. Like all respected charcuterie spots, they cure their meats themselves, and their wide selection of sausages, hams, and mousses are served with their famous toast and a side of hot mustard and pickled vegetables. If you start with their corn chowder with shrimp fritters, you have yourself a full meal! 5201 St. Laurent.

Le Local
If you wish to head down to the Old Montreal area, Le Local’s the spot to go for charcuterie. May we suggest pulling up a stool at the main bar and ordering up their “Au Cochon tout rond,” a plate of some of the tangiest cured meats and terrines around along with all the necessary condiments. This is the perfect date spot and the most notable dish to order to impress the most important of guests. 740 William.

La Salle a Manger
One of the edgiest and hottest restaurants in the city, La Salle a Manger is notable for its current spin on French Bistro. And wouldn’t you know it, their charcuterie plate is one of our favourites. For $14 (quite the steal), you can enjoy a plateful of mouth-watering charcuterie along with cornichons and grilled bread all prepared for you by the tattooed hands of one of their young hip chefs. 1302 Mont Royal East.