Our Favourite BBQ in Montreal

When the weather gets colder, our cravings turn to the smokiness and heat that only BBQ can bring to meat. Montreal has some of the most notable BBQ joints in the country, and we are excited to share with you some of our favourite smoky spots to hit up when you are in the mood for a charred and savory meal.

Restaurant BBQ
This Old Montreal BBQ hotspot is brought to you by the same people behind Bar & Boeuf. This is where pit BBQ of the American South meets French – and boy does it gel well. It is here where you will find ribs, chicken, and pork done French BBQ style. Their “pig chuck” is the Quebecois cousin to Carolina pulled pork. The vibe is rowdy and you will enjoy your BBQ on picnic tables under low ceilings. 372 St. Paul West.

Le Boucan Smokehouse
Le Boucan looks down to the far South for inspiration…as far down as the Mississippi Delta country. They infuse absolutely everything with smoke, from their soups to desserts (try their chocolate sauce-covered crumbly brownie topped with a slice of bacon). What else do they smoke? Burgers, chicken, ribs, the standards. Make sure you douse whatever you choose with their famous cider vinegar-based BBQ sauce. We also recommend their “five-napkin chicken sandwich.” 1866 Notre Dame West.

Laurier Gordon Ramseypictured above
Formerly known as Laurier BBQ, this landmark BBQ spot in Outrement has recently been revamped and reconstructed under the name of famous celebrity chef Gordon Ramsey. While the traditional dishes that have kept it famous for decades still remain on the menu (their Rotisserie Chicken with that famous dipping sauce), other dishes have been added or improved upon. Most notable amongst their BBQ options is their Grilled Salmon on a Wood Plank and their Smokey Baby Back Ribs in their famous rib sauce. 381 Laurier West.