Our Fave Coffee: Cafe Myriade

While Cafe Olimpico is notable for the best coffee in Mild End, Cafe Myriade is notable for the best coffee on the entire island of Montreal. Hidden on MacKay Street, right amidst the craziness of the Concordia campus, Cafe Myriad produces the best cup of coffee, the best latte, the best espresso, macchiato, or cappuccino you can find. To begin, all Cafe Myriade’s coffee blends come from 49th Parallel, Canada’s top roaster.

All their espresso beverages come from a one of a kind machine – and when we say one of a kind, we actually mean one of a kind as their Mirage machine is literally the only one in the entire country. If filter coffee is more your speed, you can choose to have your coffee drip-style using either a french press (which keeps the oils, making it richer and more aromatic), Eva Solo techniques (funneling-filtering technique), or in a siphon pot – talk about choices, we never knew there were so many different ways to brew filter coffee until Cafe Myriade hit us like a baseball bat to the head.

Cafe Myriade is owned by Chowhounder (writer for Chowhound) and Canadian National Barista Championship finalist, Anthony Benda, and his partner Scott Rao, author of The Professional Barista’s Handbook. Right from the start they had a hand-up over the competition.

This place is really just no frills goodness. It’s a wonderful spot for a quick morning coffee date or a before work brew and pastry hub (only if you get there early, they tend to run out quickly as the day goes on). And if you need one more reason to check it out, they double line their pots and warm their mugs, so your coffee stays warmer longer. Now that’s notable! Cafe Myriade, 1432 Mackay, Montreal.