Our 7 Favourite Moments From Last Night’s #SNL40

Move aside, Grammys and Oscars, this is how a red carpet is done. 

Saturday Night Live brought out literally everyone last night for a three-and-a-half hour 40th anniversary celebration. And while SNL has admittedly been pretty hit-or-miss over the past several years, Sunday’s show was absolutely worth tuning in for. 

From timely new material to quotable classics, here are 7 of our favourite moments from #SNL40:

1. Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake’s insane opening performance:

2. Will Ferrell hosting Celebrity Jeopardy:

3. The Weekend Update dream team:

Paul McCartney performs ‘Maybe I’m Amazed’:

5. Wayne’s World’s return to air:

6. Audition tapes from some of the show’s most iconic cast members:

7. A cameo-filled performance by Marty & Beyonce:


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