Ottawa Hospital Changes its Menu After Managers Ate Crappy Patient Food for a Week

Hospitals aren’t exactly known for their gourmet dining.

In fact, calling their offerings “food” is probably giving it more credit than it’s worth.

While this reality is often brushed off as a joke, it’s pretty unacceptable when you think about it. Considering that these institutions have a big role to play in promoting a healthy lifestyle, they could start in their own backyard by serving food that is both nutritious and appetizing.

But of course if you’re not the one eating it, you might not truly be aware of how awful it can really be. That’s why Ottawa Hospital CEO Dr. Jack Kitts, along with several other managers, committed to eating three patient meals a day for a week.


The consensus? Terrible – but now they’re planning on doing something about it.

After years of complaints, the hospital is finally modernizing its patient menus. Bland, dated dishes like Chicken a la King are out, and fresher picks like quinoa salad and sandwich plates are in. They are also going to focus on improving the presentation and taste of their meals, as well as providing more ethnic options.

It won’t be an easy transition; the Ottawa Hospital makes one million meals a year for 1,000 patients a day, many of whom are on special diets.

Even if a full overhaul isn’t achievable, getting its grub up to edible standard is a step in the right direction.