Opening Soon: Magdalen

Behold, Montreal! One of our most beloved hangouts ever, L’Orignal, is adding an older, more grown-up member to its family of awesome places to eat, drink and be super merry. Magdalen, Travis Champion and wife Monica’s soon-to-be-open Old Montreal spot, is almost ready to set sail.

We had an exclusive look and visit to the 394 St. Jacques West address amidst the construction and it’s preparing to launch soon…very soon. We snapped a few teasers to share the vibe with you.

The concept here is under the brasserie umbrella, meaning that the menu is very French-style (think steak frites, beef tartar, mussels and so on). But aside from this, a huge focus will be put on the seafood portion of the menu, which is a big blessing considering Old Montreal doesn’t thrive on seafood menus. Thanks to chef and old-time friend Hakim Rahal, the selection will be full of lobster, crab, fish and shrimp…oh my! The seafood inspiration goes hand-in-hand with the name Magdalen. Why, you might wonder? Well, dear readers, here’s a little Travis 4-1-1: Growing up as a Maritime boy, he and his posse always referred to Les Iles Des Madeleine as the Magdalen Islands. When he was researching Quebec seafood, long behold he discovered that most of it comes from Ile Des Madeleine…hence the name. We love when there is actually something behind a name.

Of course, as goes with the L’Orignal tradition, there will be oysters on the menu, sitting on top of their rustic-looking, eye-catching oyster bar, which we have a feeling will be quite central.

Now, let’s talk location. Located on the more business district side of St. Jacques, Magdalen will be a perfect spot for 5 a 7 and after-work eating. Another YP benefit? Since we all tend to be in a rush at certain times and can’t seem to find a good, fast meal, Magdalen is all about quick dining. No need to order water, an appetizer, bread and the other frills – just a good piece of meat and fish, 40 minutes or less, and you’re good to go on your way. Genius!

Open 7 days a week, 14 shifts, and for lunch, brunch and dinner starting at 9am, this might just become the go-to all-day stop by for a lot of us YPs.

Another little secret? They are working on creating an urban patio on the street in the summer…let’s cross our fingers.

Stay tuned for more news and the opening date.