Opa! for Spiros Pizza

If you’ve spent any substantial time in Calgary, you should have heard of Spiros Pizza. This family run resto, and Calgary staple, has been delighting pizza aficionados for over 40 years. With a track record older than most of us YPs, they definitely know a thing or two about great food.

The building is hard to miss, located on the corner of 33rd St and 17th Ave SW; its blue and white exterior and Grecian statues give it an immediately recognizable Greek flair. Specializing in amazing pizza – think thick crust piled high with toppings and gooey cheese – they also have one of the best Greek menus in the city. Their moussaka (a traditional Greek dish of layers of potatoes, zucchini, eggplant, and spiced ground beef topped with bechamel) is YiaYia’s special recipe and worth the visit.

The space is small, charming and you can’t help but feel like family as you dine. Ancient Greeks believed that eating was a spiritual function and the raw materials were food and wine, from which the soul was made. Later Socrates wrote: “The spirit and passion of a culture is discovered in it’s food.” This philosophy translates perfectly at Spiros.

Looking for a unique spot to take friends? Spiros can accommodate small groups and you know the wine will be flowing as you eat and visit with your cohorts. They also deliver, so for those nights when you have a bunch of pals over to watch the game Spiros Pizza is the perfect solution. Don’t forget to order a helping of baklava – the syrupy Greek pastry will satisfy any sweet tooth.

Image from The Open Banana Blog.