Ontario senator proposes wage freeze for all federal politicians

Senator Lucie Moncion, who represents Ontario, wants to freeze pay hikes for Parliamentarians.

Why? “To prevent the privileges that senators enjoy from becoming disconnected from the harsh economic reality facing many Canadians.” Solidarity, sister. “For people who hold public office, when you see people struggling around you it is hard to see, it’s hard to wrap your head around,” she said

To show she means it, Moncion introduced a motion in the upper chamber earlier this week.

As it stands, MPs make an annual salary of $182,600; senators make a base salary of $157,600. Every year, they receive a raise equal to the rate of inflation – something most Canadians absolutely do not. Moncion’s motion would freeze raises for a maximum of three years, starting in the 2021-2022 fiscal year. Taxpayers would save approximately $1.7 million.

The initiative has gained widespread support so far. “We keep hearing all the time that we’re all in this together,” said Aaron Wudrick, director of the Canadian Taxpayers Federation. “Well, not really if the government isn’t making any sacrifices while other people are losing their businesses and losing their jobs. We’re not asking for something that politicians in other countries aren’t doing.”

Moncion’s motion is expected be voted upon any day now.