Ontario Says You Can Smoke Weed Wherever Tobacco Smoking is Allowed

In case you were wondering where you can light up once weed is legalized in a few weeks, the answer is wherever smoking tobacco is permitted.

Ontario’s Progressive Conservative government made the announcement yesterday, overturning stricter laws introduced by the Liberals. Under the previous rules, the recreational smoking of cannabis was only allowed in private Ontario residences.

It should be noted that smokers have been confined to fewer and fewer places in recent years. The government’s Smoke-Free Ontario initiative has outlined about a million places where smoking is prohibited, including outdoor patios, common areas of any multi-unit residences, enclosed workplaces, and “outdoor smoking shelters that have more than 2 walls and a roof.”

“We’re aligning with the Smoke-Free Ontario Act,” said Ontario Attorney General Caroline Mulroney . “If you’re able to smoke tobacco in your home then you’ll be able to use cannabis as well.”

It should go without saying that smoking weed in vehicles, including boats, that are being operated is prohibited. Any violation of the rules is subject to a fine between $1000 and $5000.

Yesterday’s announcement also outlined rules for the sale of cannabis. The Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario will be employed to regulate the marketplace, which means aspiring pot shop entrepreneurs will need to apply for a license from the authority that makes it notoriously difficult for businesses to sell even beer or wine.

No mention was made of where the consumption of edibles will be tolerated.