Ontario Police Officers Considering Meditation As Part of Their Daily Practice

Perhaps taking note of our own meditative journey, officers from Ontario’s Peel Regional Police got into their own bit of zen at a Buddhist temple last week.

Two two dozen-plus officers tuned into a lecture on mindfulness meditation and even exercised a few ohms themselves. Deputy abbot Bhante Saranapala led the ceremony, which took place at the West End Buddhist Temple and Meditation Centre in Mississauga.

Photo: West End Buddhist Temple

The idea itself came from one of the officers.

“I think generally people have negative impressions about the police officers, and seeing some officers trying to do mindfulness meditation, [and] being at the front row of a Buddhist temple, they think it’s very positive,” said Saranapala, who will offer a similar program to OPP officers starting next month.

Some even expressed that they’d like meditation to become part of their daily practice – a fantastic idea for cops South of the Border, too.