One-Way Flight Searches from the U.S. to Canada Rose by 1000% During Election

You hear it all the time: “My nominee didn’t get elected, I’m moving to Canada.”

The threat is so empty by now that it’s laughable.

This time, though, it appears to hold a little more weight. No longer are people just saying they’ll do it – they’re actually hitting flight search engines en masse.

Travel search engines reported a huge surge in searches for one-way tickets from the United States to Canada shortly before the first polls started closing. They slowly tapered off as the election unfolded and picked up again as it became clear that Donald Trump will very likely become President-elect.

one-way-flight-searches reported a 1000% increase in one-way flight searches northbound between 6:00 p.m. ET Tuesday and 8:00 a.m. ET Wednesday.

The Canadian government’s immigration website also crashed periodically throughout these hours. Flights to the United States from destinations around the world increased, and as people anticipated, the U.S. dollar took a hit just like the British Pound did shortly after Brexit.

For Americans actually considering uprooting their lives for icier pastures, just know such a move is no joke. And please, send your best people – we don’t want to build a wall to keep out the criminals, drug dealers, and rapists.

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