One of a Kind Christmas Show and Sale

The One of a Kind Christmas Show and Sale is here again to kick-off the Christmas shopping season in Toronto and this year it’s set to be the most impressive yet, with an array of top-notch Canadian talent on board for your shopping pleasure.

Canada’s national craft show has come a long way since its small debut in 1975 to the present, now featuring hundreds of selected artisans who create original pieces across a range of categories including home décor, jewellery, fashion, food and fine art.

The show is unique in that it showcases a range of limited edition pieces by Canadian artists which are only available at this one destination twice a year, in winter and spring. So if you’re looking for an original gift for a loved one this Christmas, then there’s no better place to start then with the One of a Kind Show.

As well as having a whole host of home-grown crafts for you to choose from, the show also features a selection of hands-on workshops including make your own lip balm, handmade cards, and a One of a Kind coffee cup competition which invites show-goers to cast a vote for their favourite coffee cup made by participating artisans.

Not sure where to start at this huge artisan expo? Here’s a selection of some of the talented artists you defeinitely shouldn’t miss…

Odile Chatelain, Odile Chocolat
Odile Chocolat is a Toronto-based company that specializes in exquisite handmade truffles featuring unusual combinations of spices, herbs and flowers from around the world. For owner Odile Chatelain, making truffles is a family tradition. As a child growing up near Paris, she and her mother made truffles every Christmas. Odile Chocolat just opened her first retail store in Toronto recently. This is a great place to check out if you’re tired of the mass-produced chocolatiers like we are.

Sarra Tang, Hoi Boi
Sarah Tang is a Toronto-based designer that has made a name for herself in the fashion industry by producing some top-notch handcrafted bags and accessories. All of her bags are created in micro production runs of 4-6 pieces, allowing for greater detail and superior quality. Hoi Bo’s hand-waxed bags and clothing collection are carried at boutiques throughout Canada and the United States. Her unique bags would make a great gift for any special lady in your life.

Amelie Lucier and Julien Mongeau, A.J.
Montreal based artists, Amelie Lucier and Julien Mongeau, produce an array of unique and colourful kitchen aids that are a combination of both glass and ceramic. They characterize their style as “playful, yet functional” and have received a lot of attention in the media for their original kitchen creations. These cute kitchen collections spice up any food preparation (not literally, don’t worry) and will make friends jealous of your cool cookware.

Kelly Grace, Artist (pictured above)
Kelly Grace is a Toronto-based painter that strives to create work that people will find something new and interesting in time and time again. She makes drawings and paintings in a modern style, even though they are of seemingly retro subject matter. She is inspired by glowing sunlight and her family’s puppeteering and carnival past. (What’s not to love about puppets and carnivals?)

The One of a Kind Christmas Show runs from Thursday, November 24th through Sunday, December 4th in the Direct Energy Centre at Exhibition Place. You can click here to check out more of the show.