One Day Without Shoes Kicks Off April 16

Last year we introduced you to TOMS’ One Day Without Shoes, a campaign asking participants to go without shoes either for the whole day or just a few minutes. The idea behind going shoeless is that doing without this particular modern-day luxury causes curiosity, which provokes conversation, prompting action and inspiring change. 

TOMS will once again be hitting the streets of Toronto, gathering participants at noon tomorrow (April 16, 2013) on Ryerson Unviersity campus at Victoria and Gould streets for a shoesless walk down Yonge Street, Queen Street West, Bay Street, Dundas Street and back up to the starting location. 

Can’t make the walk? No worries, there are still ways to contribute to this amazing cause, which has already helped give two million shoes to children in need. Here’s how:

Go barefoot
Either to or at the office, or even during lunch, this simple, eye-catching action will prompt conversation among your coworkers and greater social circle. 

Get social
It’s entirely possible that going without shoes at work simply isn’t an option; you can still spread the word online by using the hashtag #withoutshoes @TOMS and telling your dedicated followers why this is a cause worth supporting. Who knows, maybe it will inspire them to go shoeless the rest of the day. 

If there’s a more simple gesture to bring global awareness to children’s health and education issues in the underdeveloped and developing world, we certainly can’t think of it. Join the conversation online and find out more about One Day Without Shoes here.

For those not in Toronto who still want to take the barefoot challenge, here’s how you can join on April 16.