One Company Will Open 8,000 New Jobs in Atlantic Canada Over the Next Three Years

Good news if you have any skills at all and are open to a moving out East: J.D. Irving is looking to fill 7,900 positions in Atlantic Canada over the next three years.

For those unfamiliar, J.D. Irving can best be described as a forestry, paper product, agriculture, food processing, transportation, and shipbuilding conglomerate – hence the “any skills at all” prerequisite. The highest job opportunities include retail business, manufacturing operations, shipbuilding, supply chain, logistics, and engineering.

Sixty-five per cent of the new jobs will be based in Nova Scotia and New Brunswick, which is especially notable in light of the closure of a Sussex, N.B. potash mine just a few days ago.

“We understand that the community had experienced some very difficult news,” Mary Keith, Vice President of Communications for J.D. Irving. “We certainly want to help and we have a need. We are hiring and are looking for qualified people.”

Over 2,000 paid internships and co-op work terms will also roll out over the next three years.

Local officials are praising the news, which could allow workers laid off from the potash mine to stay in the region.

“I will say, we don’t prefer to see people leave the province,” says Sussex Mayor Marc Thorne. “We really can’t afford to lose anyone, but our concern has to be with those individuals and families who have lost their work.”