On the Streets: Fries & Dolls

As we mentioned the other day, Calgary is currently one of the few cities leading the nation when it comes to the awesomeness that is the gourmet food truck. With the announcements of CHARCUT’s Alley Burger on wheels and the Taste Restaurant guys’ Perogy Boyz – both coming late summer – Calgarians are all abuzz with this new line of street-food fare. The good news is, though we’ll have to wait a couple months to check out these couple notable entries on the food scene, Fries & Dolls gluten-free french fry truck launched just yesterday, meaning our hunger for more culinary conquests can start to be satisfied.

Fries & Dolls is an interesting – and might we add exciting – concept when it comes to the next level of chip wagons. Offering gourmet gluten-free fries, this hot pink truck will be hard to miss – if not for the vibrant colour than for the wafting aroma emanating from inside. With menu offerings like the Farrah – all-American garlic fries – and the Sophia – Italian parmesan and truffle oil – there’s no doubt that Fries & Dolls will quickly become a sought-after curbside destination.

What’s so notable about gourmet food trucks is their ability to cultivate a rapid and obsessive following of fans consistently on the lookout for the next time the brakes are hit. Just look at Food Network’s The Great Food Truck Race or Eat St., two shows built upon this infatuated following. Fries & Dolls will be circling Calgary, and to find out where “the dolls” will hit next, stay up-to-date on Twitter or check them out on Facebook. Are you ready to take your favourite snack to the next level?