On the Radar: Pecha Kucha

Stemming from its 2003 launch in Tokyo, Pecha Kucha has amassed quite the devoted following both abroad and here in YVR. This Wednesday night’s (February 29, 2012) event promises to be no different as Pecha Kucha kicks off its 20th collection of noteworthy mental pep-talks to a sold-out crowd. Always a hit amongst Vancouver’s knowledge-seeking YP’s, Pecha Kucha (which derives its name from the Japanese term for the sound of conversational chit chat) lends a well-honed spotlight on a motley crew of seasoned artists, designers and creatives from a variety of professional fields.  

Each speaker is invited to share their views on varied topics, passions and interests within a streamlined style to keep things snappy. Speakers are allotted a specific format to follow (20 images, 20 seconds to display and 6 minutes, 40 seconds to speak), keeping the night tight on time but full of thought-provoking content. 

Think of it as a slightly smaller though equally important event as the much-loved TED Talks we’ve previously noted. With 449 cities participating globally, this phenomenon is clearly worth tuning into. YVR movers and shakers who have doled out tidbits of advice and observations in years past include author Steve Burgess, the wine-minded James Nevison, Vitamin Daily’s Sarah Bancroft and designer Kris Krug.

Wednesday’s event aims to offer up a collection of PK repeat offenders (in a good way). As selected from a voting process, speakers were chosen by supporters and members of Pecha Kucha. Expect to see the likes of always-favourite Danielle LaPorte, author Steve Orr, Urban Ink’s Diane Roberts, and David Eby (of BC Civil Liberties Society) to name a few.