On The Radar: New Toronto Restaurants

The summer season is always awash in culinary exploits. And why shouldn’t it be? This is a time when we bid adieu to first quarter melancholy and are once again bare-ankled and fancy-free, ready to explore the burgeoning scene with other sophisticates. Falling in line with Toronto young professionals’ need, nay, thirst for being in the know of anything and everything with the word “new” delicately placed in front, here are a few notable restaurants opening in the next few weeks that should quench your anxiety.

Coco Rogue
Yonge and Eglinton, sometimes referred to as Young and Eligible, is lined with cute cafes and specialty shops catering to the affluent crowd with discerning tastes. It should come as no surprise, then, that Coco Rogue plans on making a name for itself with haute chocolates and desserts in this classy corridor. Our sources indicate it should be open to the public on the 25th.

Boreal Gelato Company
As Parkdale’s gentrification continues, restos and bars for the upscale hipster crowd and West King West young professionals keep popping up. Such is the case with Boreal Gelato Company, a new shoppe that will feature well-crafted gelatos and desserts. We’ve been told Boreal Gelato Company will be open in the next two weeks.

Joey Eaton Centre
The newest location of Joey Restaurants is part of a revitalization of Toronto’s Eaton Centre, which has seen Michael Kors, Stuart Weitzman, and Trattoria Mercatto open doors over the past few months. Joey Eaton Centre will open at month’s end.

The Bowery
Owned in part by the same group that brought us The Ballroom, The Bowery is opening in the same spot once inhabited by Six Steps. Colborne Street’s newest resto’s kitchen was design by exec chef Tawfik Shehata, and the menu was designed in large part by chef de cuisine Jason Maw (of Starfish). The Bowery is scheduled to open in the next two weeks at 55 Colborne Street.

The County General
Splendido’s Carlo Catallo and Chef Victor Barry will bring us the County General, set to take over 936 Queen Street West. We’re told that there will be a focus on locally-sourced ingredients and affordable prices, with a late-night kitchen on the weekends. The County General is set to open sometime in August.

Acadia Restaurant & Bar
Acadia Restaurant & Bar invites us to “indulge in a culture of creaky porches, lazy ceiling fans, southern food, inspired brews and craft cocktails.” Sounds great, but does this mean there’ll be no A/C? Acadia Restaurant and Bar opens this summer.

Spin Dessert Cafe (Yonge and Eglinton location)
Etobicoke favourite Spin Dessert Cafe is opening a second location at 2177 Yonge Street. We’re suddenly craving crepes, wonder why…? Spin Dessert Cafe is coming this summer.

Hardy’s Hogtown Brasserie
Playing on Toronto’s near-defunct “Hogtown” nickname, Hardy’s barbeque will feature tender and succulent pork, ribs, burgers, Texas beef brisket and the list of coronary-inducers goes on. The good news: We love barbeque. The bad: We really love barbeque. Hardy’s Hogtown Brasserie should be opening any day now.

The Legion Ultra Sports Bar
Toronto seems to be in the middle of a sports bar renaissance, with less dingy and dank and more sleek and sophisticated. This Danforth sports bar/lounge/nightclub promises fine food while watching the games on also fine hi-def screens. Side note: we’re pretty sure the dude on the right and left in the pic on The Legion’s homepage is a snap from Brad Pitt as Achilles in Troy, which is a little disconcerting. Opening later this month at 417 Danforth Ave.

Le Kensington Bistro
A new French bistro is set to open in the most shocking of spots: where another French bistro once stood. (We’re all for continuity…sometimes.) Loire Casual Gourmet’s Jean-Charles Dupoire and Sylvain Brissonet are behind the new resto, which we’re sure will be as chic as its dishes are classic. Note it: rotisserie chicken will be offered as a take-out dinner. Voulez-vous poulet avec moi, ce soir? Le Kensington Bistro will open its doors very soon.