On the Radar: Coming Soon to Toronto’s Restaurant Scene

Gelato Simply Italian – Second Location in Yorkville
This Yonge and Davisville gelato shop has been a favourite YP destination since it opened its doors just under a year ago, and now owner Allesandro Buccianti is expanding operations with a second prime (and we do mean prime) location in Yorkville, tentatively set to open on the 21st – we’ll keep you posted if we here changes. The new shop will have 36 fresh flavours available at any given time – from Allesandro’s arsenal of about 140 ready-to-go recipes – and will be rotating offerings on a daily basis. 146 Cumberland Street.

Hey Meatball – College Street
Not surprisingly, this College Street joint will offer up delicious meatballs, probably in similar sandwich/slider form as Hey Meatballs prelaunch tent setups at Taste of Italy and Pride. (We had them at both, and they’re notably scrumptious.) Hey Meatball is helmed by Chef Rod Bowers. 719 College Street West.

Pizzeria Libretto – Danforth Location
Pizzeria Libretto is a hotspot for some of Toronto’s best thin crust pies. Canada’s only pizzeria to be certified by the Associazione Verace Pizza Napoletana, Pizzeria Libretto knows how to break tradition with its toppings. Expect the new Pizzeria Libretto Danforth location – tentatively scheduled to open in September – to be more of the same…which is most definitely a good thing. We’re told it’s at 550 Danforth Avenue, but we’ll bring you more details as we cement them.

Ascari Enoteca Queen Street East
The beautiful folks behind foodie favourite Table 17 are opening up Ascari Enoteca – an Italian-style wine bar – tentatively set for an opening in October. Expect an intimate atmosphere and the same addiction to quality and service as at Table 17, with some amazing pasta dishes sure to grace the menu…and of course, some well-curated wine selections. 1111 Queen Street East.

A Buster Rhino’s in Downtown Toronto?
The foodie community’s all abuzz with the news that downtowners might get their very own Buster Rhino’s Southern BBQ in the next few months. While there’s been no definite confirmation, rumours amongst Toronto’s food-obsessed are typically less salacious and more trustworthy than those in the celebosphere. If a location does migrate to central TO, expect the same finger lickin’ good pulled pork and ribs to be on the menu slate. Who knows? Hopefully we’ll find out soon.

Image courtesy Creative Commons.