On Our Radar: Wilbur Mexicana

King West is getting a new Mexican eatery and we’re excited. And that’s because this isn’t the sit down and pay $20 for a glorified burrito King West you might be thinking about. This is a taco joint named after Wilbur Scoville, the pharmacist/chemist who, in 1912, created the Scoville Organoleptic Test – the scale by which the heat level of chili peppers is still measured. So yeah, we expect this place is definitely going to be bringing some heat to your summertime flavour.  

Branding itself as fast-casual, you’ll order at the counter but be encouraged to linger over a few tequilas. The idea is you can get in and out as quickly (Tuesday lunch) or as slowly (Friday afternoon ‘meeting’) as you want. Though Wilbur claims that the authentic Toronto vibe they’re creating (devoid of Mexican clichés – sorry mariachi bands) will make you want to stay long enough to enjoy the atmosphere of the 50-seat dining area, or, if you’re lucky enough, one of the 30 King St. patio seats. 

Aiming for a late June open, we’ll see you in the heat soon.

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