On Our Radar – Queen Margherita Pizza’s Coming to Dundas West

It’s safe to say this city loves its pizza.

As we recently pointed out, Queen Margherita Pizza’s competitor is making the move into Downtown Toronto – so they are as well.

We’re not sure which brand decided to expand into the downtown core first, but we’re pretty happy they’re both finally expanding into neighborhoods that don’t require a long subway trip just to get to.

The new Queen Margherita location at 772 Dundas is just west of Bathurst, and we’re sure it will feature the same amazing ingredients we’ve come to expect from Executive Chef Johnathan Gushue.

Once it opens, we recommend trying the namesake Margherita pizza – if we hadn’t, we might never have known the classic pie was named after Italian Queen Margherita Maria Teresa Giovanna. Turns out she declared it her favourite back in 1889 because of its resemblance to the Italian flag.

Talk about the perks of patriotism.

Queen Margherita’s website also notes a planned expansion to Richmond Street in 2015 – even more centrally located than the Dundas location.

Will this start a pizza war downtown?

We can’t wait to find out.  



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