On Our Radar: Pizza Fabrika

After hunting down some additional details courtesy of their PR, we learned that Pizza Fabrika will be a fully licensed, 25-seat pizzeria slated to open early next month and comes courtesy of brothers Stephen and Michael Wiese (original founders and former owners of popular West End restaurant La Brasserie).

It turns out that “Fabrika” is a commonly used European term for “factory,” which reflects the setting for this non-conformist pizzeria inspired by a working factory… with a penchant for style.

The pizza menu will feature an assortment of quality pizzas created using traditional methods as well as seasonal daily special pizzas (think: spot prawn-topped pizza, white asparagus pizza and chanterelle mushroom pizza for fall). At the heart of the pizza will be a yeast-leavened sourdough with plenty of structure treated with the respect of traditional kneading techniques. D.O.P. San Marzano tomatoes will make up the sauce with top quality local and European cheeses providing the canvas for more modern, eclectic toppings.

Pizza orders will come accompanied with a selection of sides including fresh salads and rotating dessert jars will ensure all sweet teeth are satisfied.

From the bar you will find a deliberate list of perfectly paired high acidity – pizza loving wines from all over the globe and buzz-worthy beer options focused on craft products. Wines will be available in half litre carafes with a rotating local craft beer by the jug.

Check out the progress for yourself and visit Pizza Fabrika at 1680 Robson Street (between Cardero and Bidwell). They’ll be open seven nights a week starting at 5pm to 12am (take-out is available). 

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