On Our Radar: Paramount is Bringing Classic Middle Eastern to Yorkville

If you search  “Middle East Restaurant Yorkville” on Google, you’ll get swamped with a single name: “Mideasto.” And that’s because, while it’s a great restaurant, it’s also the only serious game in town. 

It would appear that one of the city’s most prized culinary pockets could use a few extra Lebanese threads, and lucky for us that’s exactly what Paramount Fine Foods plans to provide in the coming spring months when they open their Yorkville location at 1250 Bay Street. 

Only a falafel’s throw from Bloor, Paramount is putting the finishing touches on their 11th spot that plans to feature their hit menu of authentic, refined Middle-Eastern fare. All prepared in-house, made only with Halal meats (they have their own butcher shop), you can expect a delicious, reasonably-priced take on literally all the classics – hummus, musakaa, sujuk, tabbouleh, shawarma, baklawa and more – accompanied by interior designs and finishes tailored to the pedigree of backdrop we have all come to appreciate in Yorkville. 

We’ve also been told that they’re planning a “surprise dish” for this location… 

The restaurant is 4,500 square feet, all on one floor, and will provide service for all meals all day with doors open from 8am until midnight. The only thing missing will be alcohol, but for those in need, the perfect after-dinner cocktail is only seconds away down Cumberland.

Keep an eye and nose out for the opening in early May.


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