On Our Radar: Monday Nights at Lost and Found

Just five days ago, Lost & Found (577 King St. W) officially opened its doors in the heart of King West. If you’re looking for an indication of what a night here will lead, to just look to the writing on the wall – for real. The words “Not All Who Wander Are Lost” are written across the building’s old brick in a manner that seems as much a statement for an evening out as it is a code to live by. 

Speaking of codes to live by, we need to talk about your Mondays. They’ve become really boring. We know it’s not your fault; this city of ours has also let the beginning of the week slip a little. Well, no more. Thanks to Monday Nights at Lost & Found you can start kicking of each week with a hot celebration of fashion and hip-hop. Not to mention bottle service and guest list.

And just like that, having a case of the Mondays suddenly became a good thing.

Check out these upcoming events and let us know what you think:
Monday, April 14th guest hosts Theo and Metoux
Monday, April 21st guest hosts The Beckerman Sisters
Monday, April 28th guest hosts UNTITLED&CO

#LYNL | (Live Your Notable Life)

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