On Our Radar: Earnest Ice Cream

East coasters can’t even think about ice cream with their faces currently freezing off.

Thankfully, we live in Vancouver. And we’re all about the ice cream.

Especially Earnest Ice Cream.

For two years now, we’ve flocked to Fraserhood for what is known as “Seriously Good” ice cream (it says so right on the packaging). 

Nestled right in between Mount Pleasant and Olympic Village, the new Earnest Ice Cream scoop shop will be located in the old Organic Lives space at 1829 Quebec Street.

Location, location, location.

A little closer to the city core, this second spot is sure to be as busy as ever.

The buzz for a second outpost started a the end of summer, but now with Earnest Ice Cream looking to bump up their staff, we have a hunch the opening slated for early 2015 is almost here. 

The Earnest Ice Cream hype has always been focused on the explosive flavours; sometimes offering wonderful one-off creations, and always produced in small batches with picks from local farms.

Whiskey hazelnut, oatmeal brown sugar, strawberry basil, vegan mint chips…it’s one of a kind ice cream.

Keeping local efforts and sustainability in mind, the jars the to-go pint options come in are reusable and can be returned to be refilled.

In other words: more ice cream.

Stay tuned to Notable and we’ll let you know as soon as you can get a first look at where you’ll be getting your next scoop. 


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