On Our Radar: Dessert and Champagne at Mosquito in Gastown

Our curiosity is immediately piqued when walking past any retail spaces cloaked in papering.

Which is exactly what happened when we noticed the black window on 32 Water Street adorned only with ‘Mosquito’ on the front.  

We discovered this soon-to-be-unveiled space plans to serve desserts and Champagne to satisfy both the sweet tooth and bubbly personalities – a new concept in Vancouver.

And we love it.

While Mosquito isn’t exactly the name we would connect with decadent desserts and bubbles, we were excited by what we found out.

The space will receive a hand from none other than Craig Stanghetta, custom wallpaper and other elements from Glasfurd & Walker, and the construction courtesy Harmony Pacific Projects.

These leaders have worked on some of the best businesses to boast about in the city including Pizza Farina, Opus Bar, Boboli, Matchstick Coffee Roasters and, well, too many more to name. 

As if Gastown wasn’t already the hub of everything cool, Mosquito will add to the vibrant mix when doors open later this month or early February.

We’ll share more as the Mosquito mystery unfolds. 


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