On Our Radar: Dark Table

It’s lights out – in a good way – at one of Vancouver’s newest restaurants to hit the scene. Straight to the West Coast from Switzerland, the dine-in-the-dark concept eatery has just opened the doors of its new W. 4th Avenue location in Kitsilano.

With a few other popular Dark Table locations (Toronto, Montreal) already on our radar, we were keen to “see” what all the fuss was about (beyond an obvious curiosity factor at play). Upon arrival, guests are welcomed into a lit lounge area and provided with the evening’s menu selections. Though it’s not a huge menu (it is tiered for either two or three courses), there is still excellent variety – with the Mediterranean fusion dishes full of flavours that help enhance the culinary experience. 

After selecting your meals, expect to be handed a blindfold by your sight-impaired guide server and escorted into the darkness of the dining area where the tables get turned and your sensory adventure starts. 

Once you and your dinner companions have become accustomed to the no-see aspect of what will be a memorable evening, the culinary fun really begins. With no outside light to pave way from fork to mouth (or, more importantly, from table to toilet!) diners aren’t even allowed to rely on the glow of their smartphone for the course of the night. Our noteworthy recommendation: leave the high heels at home, ladies, and forego that extra cocktail to ensure you leave upright…oh, and if you’re worried about spilling, play it safe and opt to go all black for dress.

Wine, cocktails and other drinks are served (though expect to exercise a bit of patience, given the environment), and your multi-course meal arrives. The food is delicious – perhaps made even more so given the degree of concentration we found ourselves giving each mouthful. Our suggested pickings: the ravioli served with jalapeno cream sauce and the date and goat cheese stuffed chicken breast.

Dark Table truly makes you slow down and take it all in. Though we heard a few pieces of cutlery drop, no glasses were broken, and our visually impaired server was amazingly helpful.

Dark Table is located at 2611 West 4th Ave; more information can be found here.

Photo courtesy Dark Table