On Our Radar: 100 Days of Summer

100 Days of a pop-up style rooftop beer garden on Queen W. 

That’s the kind of sentence that makes summer our favourite season.

On July 1st, Aaron Prothro, previous owner of Nyood and F-Stop, is opening a new microbrewery at the corner of Queen W. and Peter. While the actual brewery won’t be open to the public until the fall, a 200-person patio will be.

The 100 Days name was inspired and borrowed from a project by Vancouver restaurateur Peter Girgis and Prothro has enlisted El Furniture Warehouse to supply a pop-up food cart with items to compliment the beer – ensuring you’ll have all you need to never want to leave.

We’ve been told that while this raised urban beer garden will obviously focus on the craft beer created for the space, there will also be several spirit options available. So don’t worry if you’re feeling more mojito than pint that day.

For now though, just look forward to a flowing space, flowing taps, and the desire to never be anywhere else. 


#LYNL | (Live Your Notable Life)

Photo courtesy of @amrsgram 

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