Old Spice Campaign = Notable

Have you seen the incredible job Old Spice, yes the deodorant and fragrance company, is doing with their new social media campaign? In my opinion, it’s truly brilliant. The most common conversation at the round table with any marketer these days revolves around how to leverage the new social tools that exist on the internet, and this is definitely a case and point example of how to do just that. Congrats Old Spice! You definitely get my notable kuddos for this campaign.

Right now on the Old Spice Facebook fan page and on their Twitter page, you can write in a question to the Old Spice Guy and he will answer it. There have been many notable entrepreneurs, celebrities, and Old Spice aficionados getting in on the fun. Some include DIGG.com‘s Kevin Rose, Alyssia Milano, Guy Kawasaki, and Ashton Kutcher.

When chatting with various advertising agencies and with brands directly, the key question that comes up these days is “how do I leverage social media?” You also hear this question at conferences and in blogs all over the internet. I think Old Spice has nailed it! They are pulling virtually real time conversations together via Twitter and Facebook and optimizing social video sharing sites like Youtube to deliver content back to the end-user. It’s so clever, and yet so obvious. I bet a lot of brands are asking themselves, “Why didn’t I think of that?”

Don’t waste any time, go and check out the Old Spice account on Youtube if you’re looking for some Tuesday night entertainment! For me it’s back to work. Talk soon guys and make sure to comment below. I’d love to get your thoughts on the Old Spice Guy campaign!

Stay Notable,
Julian Brass