‘Overheard Office’ Instagram Account Perfectly Captures Awkward Work Conversations

It’s been a while since ‘overheard’ conversations piqued our interest.

Quite frankly, we just can’t find it within ourselves to care about who said what at the Fifty Shades of Grey signing. Recently, however, we stumbled upon an ‘overheard’ Instagram account that hit too close to the office to ignore – @overheardoffice.

That the conversations are complemented by amusing illustrations – the exchanges are recorded by two designers – add to the appeal, along with the fact that we can pretty much relate to almost all of the bizarre things being documented.

Screen Shot 2016-01-07 at 2.02.30 PM

Quips range from useful life advice – “never trust a driver in a hat” – to profound questions about geography – “how come Russia is there?” And our personal favourite, “I’m coming back as a unicorn anyway.”

It also got us thinking: what would some of the nonsense bantered about our own office look like if it were typed out in a neat sans serif with a quirky graphic to match?

And within a minute we had the answer:


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Vector graphic courtesy freepik.