Nyood No Longer: The Good Son Helps You Misbehave

Not that you need to go all out a la university days, but if you crave an indulgent night on the town, The Good Son will soon help you be bad. 

Or, if you’re into a low-key casual dinner, that’s fine too. 

As you may know, Queen West’s beloved Nyood has closed its doors. But don’t worry, because The Good Son (1096 Queen St. W) vibe is going to be better than just “good.” 

How do we know?

Two of the most prominent promoters in the Toronto game, Oleg and Sako from Dynamite Events, will ensure the city’s finest grace its doors and that the scene will be far from a bar along Jersey Shore. The two join Chef Vittorio Colacitti as co-owners in their first restaurant venture.  

With a chef like Colacitti, the food will be just as good (if not better) than that of Nyood. 

Chef Colacitti, who made it down to the final five on Top Chef Canada, comes armed with ample experience from some of Toronto’s best restaurants like George, Lucien, Didier, and Via Mercanti. In what is described as shareable cuisine, a highlight is the wood-fire oven imported from Bologna, Italy and the thin crust pizzas that come out of it.

But it’s more than just pizza. Once we taste the food for ourselves we will, of course, let you know what you have to try. As of now, the full menu details are on the down-low.

In the meantime, if you want to appear in the know on that dinner date tonight, mention The Good Son. Once the city starts really buzzing about this new Toronto hot spot by next week, your date will remember where they heard it first (either through you or, of course, us). 

The friends and family opening is this Friday (maybe we’ll see you there?), but the restaurant will open its doors tomorrow.

You’re welcome.

#LYNL | (Live Your Notable Life)

Images from: http://instagram.com/thegoodson_to

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