Nutella Infused Menu Items to Hit Tim Horton’s

Come April 15th, you’ll have a pretty sweet reason to opt for Tim Horton’s over Starbucks on your way to work. 

That’s because the homegrown chain we all know and love will release brand new Nutella-inspired menu items. 

Yes, we’re serious. 

You can expect three new menu items infused with the hazelnut chocolate spread, which has been a staple since for pretty much everyone in the world since childhood.  

The Nutella menu items will include chocolate hazelnut doughnuts filled with Nutella, a Nutella-filled pastry pocket (similar to a Timbit), and the option (finally) to spread Nutella all over your favourite bagel.  

We wouldn’t mind Nutella flavoured coffee either, but we’ll take what we can get. 


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