Nuru Project Inspires Change Through Photos

Photos are often our only glimpse into the world of those affected by severe poverty, famine, war or illness around the world. Though these journalistic snapshots raise awareness of some of the direst issues facing our world today, they do lack the call to action necessary for most people to instigate change.    

The Nuru Project was set up to work directly with those responsible for actually making a difference on ground-level, namely the non-profit organizations dedicated to causes such as eradicating malaria or ensuring children in developing countries have access to education.  

Their team of skilled freelance photographers travels to the most underprivileged regions in the world to document the situations that threaten the lives of the people that live there. The prints are then sold online, with the money from sales distributed to a selection of not-for-profit organizations that are actively working to improve conditions in these areas. 

Dozens of breathtaking photographs, which would make a great additional to any young professional’s condo, can be purchased online at any size ranging from 8×10 to 30×40. Half of the profits made from online sales go towards the organizations, while 25% is used to pay the photographers. The remainder is invested back into the Nuru Project. Some of the amazing non-profit organizations partnered with the Nuru Project include The Acumen Fund, Architecture for Humanity, Malaria No More, Millennium Promise, Partners in Health and Pencils of Promise.

Photo by Marco Trovato of The Nuru Project