Now Open: Weldon Park

College Street is starting to see a bit of a revamp thanks to new additions like Darwin Bistro Bar and Johnny Jackson. Adding to this renaissance is the newly opened Weldon Park, which brings, naturally, a bit of a park theme to its facade.

Cocktails are heavy on the docket at this new joint, and they’re prime without prime pricing. Top shelf bitters are a la mode here, adding to the visceral vibe of the place. The space is sort of two-fold, with the more casual atmosphere in the front before you walk through to the sexier space in the back. (The cocktails are a bit more intensive at the back bar, which we’re not complaining about. Did someone say liquid nitrate?) 

We’re loving this new upsurge of casually cool bars that at once look like a domestic beer mecca but whose perceptions are quickly altered upon sidling up to the bar. Creative cocktails are taking over creative cuisine in the city, and the functioning alcoholics in us are screaming with delight.

Ladies and gents, have you been to Weldon Park?

Photo courtesy Weldon Park