Now Open: The Hogtown Pub and Oysters

Like in marriage, when restaurant relationships dissolve, the question comes up: What about the kids? Such was the question with the Auld Spot Pubs – where the two partners who shared ownership of both the Danforth and College Street locations recently decided to move in different directions – that needed to be answered. The solution? Danforth will remain the Auld Spot, and College Street will turn into The Hogtown Pub and Oysters.

Officially launching June 8 – though it’s in soft-launch right now – The Hogtown Pub and Oysters is the new incarnation of the previous pub. Owner Darryl Brown and Chef/Partner Josh Dalton are keeping a similar outlook on service and atmosphere, but pushing the bounds of what a gastropub can be. 

Chef Josh’s food is almost unparalleled when it comes to rival establishments. His menu will have about seven staple items, but a rotating selection of creative and seasonal dishes will change every couple of days, letting him explore his talents and the tastes of the Hogtown Pub and Oysters’ guests. Look at his soft shell crab with quinoa, a gorgeous dish that looks better suited for a white linen tablecloth restaurant than a comfortable pub. The pulled pork nachos are sticky sweet goodness. A recent burger concoction saw 10 different peppers being ground into the meat. And the grilled chicken wings are too-die-for. It’s all about showing a great reverence for the food, and giving diners an experience that is one part classic comfort, one part gastronomy for the gourmand.

And of course, there are oysters to be had. The Hogtown Pub and Oysters will often have two types on hand, and they’ll be served up ‘Hogtown’ style, with Tabasco and lemon. The Hogtown Pub and Oysters will be an oft-frequented spot to be sure. From the friendly staff to the casual vibe and the gastropub fare, it’s a perfect place for after-work drinks, weekend dinner, and even a fun and relaxed date. Mark your calendars, The Hogtown Pub and Oysters is officially open for business June 8th.

Photo courtesy The Hogtown Pub and Oysters (Soft Shell Crab and Quinoa)