Now Open: The East Ender

When Tomi Kro closed, Leslievillians anxiously awaited the announcement of what would come next. About two weeks ago they got their answer…and it was named ever so apropos. The East Ender opened up just days ago, bringing some delicious food from a variety of cultural influences to the table.

At the East Ender, you’ll find dishes like steamed pork bun sliders with cucumber and hoisin alongside chili and chocolate braised short ribs. Plates are varied, including roasted squash ravioli with gorgonzola cream, Ontario trout with forbidden black rice, and arugula and melon salad with Manchego cheese. Different countries’ cuisines can be seen, like France, Spain, Italy, the Mediterranean, the Caribbean, and Korea.

The brick walls and dark woods are decidedly Toronto trendy-but-will-last decor. The room is open and inviting, warming for a Friday night dinner. It’s a beautiful spot for global cuisine done gourmet but brought into the realm of comfort food. An interesting take we haven’t seen too much of…or at least too much done right.

The prices are affordable for the level of the cuisine, which we’ll never complain about. A lot of the menu is sourced locally, and for the international ingredients the owners go to the source, finding great flavours in Asian markets around the city. It’s a fantastic new spot that will undoubtedly help bring more downtowners and westenders east of Broadview. Making a new set of citizens honorary East Enders.