Now Open: Tea n Bannock

Tea-n-Bannock is an adorable new cafe/restaurant in the East End that’s a ‘taste of Aboriginal Canada’. We expect that with its uniquely Canadian flavours and preparations, this new joint will get the foodies on board in a heartbeat.

Ever since Keriwa Cafe opened last year, people’s interest has been piqued by Aboriginal cuisine. Tea-n-Bannock opened about three weeks ago, and is already perpetuating this trend. It’s a small space, focusing more on lunches and less on intricate cuisine than Keriwa, but giving a nice little snapshot into Aboriginal culture. 

The menu is very small, but intriguing. The food is as Canadian as the decor, with birch wood providing a forest-like feel to the space. A casual yet broader menu will be launched in due time, but for now the focus is on introducing the public to the comforts of Aboriginal cuisine.

Of course, there’s bannock on the menu. (It would blasphemy to be left out!) Bannock is akin to a flatbread, being a thin layer of dense bread with beautiful toppings. At Tea-n-Bannock, you can get the Indian Taco – ground beef, mozzarella and tomatoes – and other selections covered in meats and hearty toppings. And the incredible corn soup just screams home-cooking.

Ladies and gents, head to Tea-n-Bannock to find out a little more about our nation’s history, and sample fare from a cuisine few of us have ventured into.