Now Open: Rock n’ Horse Saloon

Get out your cowboy boots. Retrieve your hidden Taylor Swift albums. Dust off your chaps. Cause country has come to the city – and you definitely don’t want to miss it.

Rock n’ Horse Saloon opens up today (Friday) on Adelaide St. W. (250) and from our vantage at last night’s media opening, they’re going full rural on the downtown core. Located on the third floor, the expansive space is filled with everything country you can imagine. From spaghetti Western posters to a mechanical bull (yes, seriously), this bar is all about delivering some hard-core twang. The bar stools are saddles, the décor is rustic-upscale-barn, and the dance floor is big enough to line-dance the night away with two dozen of your favourite pard’ners.

Most importantly, however, Rock n’ Horse Saloon fills a void that’s been missing from Toronto since about the time we traded horses for streetcars. It’s now one of the only places in the city where you can go to hear your favourite songs about lost love, big trucks, and the proper way to throw a lasso (there’s gotta be at least one, right?). Seriously, though, in a city as diverse as ours it’s surprising that a night out with a pair of spurs hasn’t been more available. Luckily, the commitment Rock n’ Horse Saloon is showing to the CMT crowd is as intense as Luke Perry’s dramatic turn in 8 Seconds – conveniently playing last night on the several HD flat screens strategically placed throughout the bar.

So if you’re the kind of young professional who likes to howdy at your partner, or watch your friends be humiliated by Brian the Bull (we named him that and he likes it), then Rock n’ Horse Saloon should be your new favourite hotspot. Oh, and a full lineup of your favourite pints as well as margaritas the size of bowling balls probably won’t hurt your dosey doe much either. 

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