Now Open: PF Chang’s

PF Chang’s opened up at the Shops at Don Mills but two weeks ago, bringing America’s favourite Chinese Bistro chain across the border to Toronto. And this Chang’s a mad chain at that.

PF Chang’s has over 200 locations the world-wide, but this is the first time it’s come to Canada. (Aren’t we great import/export partners with the States? Guess not…) The space is lovely, though does have that mass-produced feel to it. Who cares when you’re getting a much-better-than-the-average-take-out Chinese meal though, right?

Speaking of the food, there are over 10 sections to PF Chang’s menu…so tread lightly when trying to decide. From dumplings to lettuce wraps, spare ribs to crab wontons, dynamite shrimp to the classic egg rolls, the apps alone could be meal enough for 12. And that’s before getting into entree mainstays like the Chinese 5-Spice Duo of Duck. (Say that 10 times fast.)

If you’ve been looking for a reason to head up to the Shops at Don Mills – other than, well, the shops themselves – make a date at PF Chang’s and explore the area for an evening. Hey, you’ll have to walk off all that food, right?

Photo courtesy PF Chang’s