Now Open: Clearly Contacts on Queen West

If you wear glasses and you live in Toronto, you’ve no doubt come across These guys are the best in the biz for a reason. From delivery time to return policy, there’s simply no better way to land a new pair of specs. Oh, and they offer the most competitive pricing we’ve ever seen – and we’ve got 20/20 vision.

So last night we were more than a little excited when we stepped out to Queen W. to catch a sneak peek of Clearly Contacts first Ontario store (317 Queen St. W). And we weren’t disappointed. The vibrant little shop was packed with beautiful people, up-scale frames, and beautiful people wearing up-scale frames. Seriously, it’s as if 80% of the crowd couldn’t read a blackboard without their favourite set of spectacles. It was like an optometrist’s wet dream.  

Here’s the thing: glasses can completely change the way you look. The right pair can make you appear sexy, smart, and sophisticated all at once. The wrong pair? Well, let’s just say the 80s are over for a reason. And while has always offered the best service possible, their brick and mortar location now combines that service with the ability to actually try on your favourite pair before purchasing them. This is the ultimate evolution in show-rooming – cause it’s exactly what they want you to do. Step into the store and get some helpful insights from the friendly and knowledgeable staff (see: those are too big for your face) and then jump onto one of their waiting computers and purchase your new accessories immedietly. It’s just that easy.

Glasses don’t just stop at helping you see, they add substance to your sense of style. So whether you’re near-sighted, far-sighted, or just in search of some sweet shades, the selection and attention you’ll receive at Clearly Contacts’ new store is visibly head and shoulders above the competition.

Top photo courtesy Clearly Contacts

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