Now Open: 6 Reasons We’re Feeling Peqish

With the sea of international students spilling onto the sidewalk, you might miss this place walking by if you’re not looking for it.

Luckily, you can just follow your nose.

We’ve rounded up 6 reasons why Peqish is our newest lunchtime go-to:

In the downtown core (and the fact that we live in one of the most expensive cities in the country), the cost of just a semi-decent sandwich will set you back upwards of $10.

The worst part: sometimes you’re not even full.

Do the math and you’re soon over it and committed to meal prepping lunches for life. The solution: Peqish’s Brown Bag lunch special that includes a sandwich, booster cup, and cookie – a healthy one, of course – for just $9.

Sometimes we like a little fancy presentation and garnish. More often, we just want a really good sandwich. Calling themselves fresh fanatics, Peqish is all about the what-you-see-is-what-you-get mantra. You won’t need to Google any ingredients, nothing stays past the day, and everything is made by hand from scratch daily. It’s like your mom making you the best lunch – just 10 times better. Gluten-free, dairy-free and vegan-friendly options are available too.

Smart Variety
Soups. Salads Boxes. Salad Cups. Sandwiches. Chia-filled juices. Snacks. Cookies. Protein Booster Cups. Wraps. You get the point. It’s not just sandwiches. We were especially attracted to the Peqish made-without-wheat flour that you can buy for home cooking.

Aside from on-point branding and clear messaging, an iPad attached to the wall takes your order for extra efficiency. Their website has menus ready to go and the team is super responsive – they may even answer your hunger tweets.

Glued to the desk working away on a project and need to inhale food without leaving your seat? Is your team working frantically but craving food to fuel the productivity? In-office lunchtime meeting? Peqish has you covered on all of that.

The Delicious Factor
Is your mouth watering yet? Nothing is worse than buying that salad or sandwich that just tastes ugh, basic. Full of flavour, every item on the menu will be scarfed down faster than you know it. Tastefully, of course.

Whether you need a bite, nibble or full stomach of food, now you know why we’re feeling Peqish.  



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