Nova Scotia RCMP Creates Hilariously Awful Parody of Drake’s ‘Hotline Bling’

If you see the cop light bling – then pull over to the furthest lane.

A group of Mounties in Nova Scotia have just released an equally great and terrible parody video of Drake’s Hotline Bling to remind motorists about the importance of the “Move Over” law.

It’s also a preview of Drake’s next fashion statement:

In Nova Scotia it’s against the law to drive faster than 60 km/h, or the posted speed limit if it’s lower than that, when passing an emergency vehicle with its lights flashing. Spitting some fire lyrics in auto tune, the Mounties have chosen a brilliantly effective way to turn a commonly disregarded law into a thing of pure magic.

“Humour always gets people’s attention and we really wanted an unorthodox, unique, and memorable way of getting the message out there,” Cpl. Jennifer Clarke told the CBC.

The video emphasizes the province’s six-year-old law, which also indicates that motorist must change lanes to the furthest lane from the emergency vehicle when safe to do so.

Some of the Grammy-calibre lyrics include:

Ever since May 2010 you…
Can get fined if you don’t slow down,
When police stop on the road now…
This legislation ain’t nouveau now

According to a press release by the RCMPNS, failure to abide by the law can result in fines ranging from $352 to $2,442 for multiple offences, which is about 2,442 times the budget of the video.

The video has already racked up over 100,000 view on YouTube, with commenter reviews ranging from “not even mad they’re using my tax money for this” to “that dancing and auto tune is the cause of cancer.”

It was posted on 4/20 – just something to keep in mind.