Notably Approved: Indochino

What once started as two young university students who had nothing to wear to a business presentation quickly snowballed into one of the most successful suit companies on the west coast. Kyle Vucko and partner Heikal Gani currently run, an eRetail custom-made suit company established in the heart of Vancouver. Vucko and Gani provide high-quality suits for reasonable prices, which are hand-made in Shanghai and sent straight to their customers’ front doors. With base prices starting at about one third of the cost of a brand name custom-made suit, they’re beginning to give labels like Hugo Boss and Armani a run for their money.

They skillfully revitalize their wardrobe catalogue by keeping up with the latest styles and trends, which allows Indochino to maximize their potential clients by offering various styles (classic, timeless, vintage, contemporary), patterns (plaid, pinstripe, and the like), single pieces (vests, pants, dress shirts, blazers), and even accessories (tie clips, cufflinks, pocket squares). They even extend into sophisticated formal wear like tuxedos, and outerwear as well.

Indochino eliminated the arduous task of going to a tailor to be fitted for a suit by mailing fabric swatches and measuring tape to all of their customers across Canada, so clients can take their own measurements, input them on the website, and simply sit back, relax, grab a Manhattan, and wait for their suit to be delivered. They also put a heavy emphasis on customer satisfaction, guaranteeing the Perfect Fit Promise, stating if you simply don’t like the suit, you can return it for a full refund, no questions asked. And just to ensure continued adoration for your suit, should it need further alterations by a local tailor, they will cover the bill. How notable is that?

Vuko and Gani have closely focused in on a huge demographic of YPs that want to look good, but not go broke doing so. Similarly, they have successfully synchronized their products with the market of young men who don’t particularly find shopping a divine endeavour. It’s clear in their vast sales since their official launch in January of last year that Indochino’s on to something Don Draper would wholeheartedly approve, whiskey glass in hand.