Notable’s Best of 2013: Photos

The power of photography is much more than the meaningless propaganda and self-serving selfies that bombard our cell phones and computer screens on a daily basis.

The true essence of photography lies in the notion that you can capture a single moment in time in such a way that you can hold onto that moment for a lifetime.

We’ve worked hard to put together our top 10 standout photos because of the great story they tell about our young professional generation and who we were in the year of 2013. 

Artbound: Toronto Supporting Local Artists

Celebrities Spotted at TIFF


Leisure and Travel at its Finest: Maderas Village

Every Girls Favourite: John Mayer Live in Concert

Cutting Edge Fashion: The Bulletproof Suit

Canadian Designer’s Setting the Stage: WMCFW

Toronto Life’s Most Influential: Crack Smoking Mayor Against the World…

3643 St. Laurent Apt 200 Brings Back The House Party

Toronto’s Very Own Keeping It Real

The Notable Merchants: MTL


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