#NotablePeople: The Collective by Eva Redpath

Eva Redpath is a big deal.

You may know her as the famous Barry’s Bootcamp trainer, or as the inimitable life coach who has helped countless people achieve their dreams or as a coveted speaker at major conferences across the country. Now, this multi-hyphenate has added another title to her growing list of responsibilities: creator and host of The Collective. 

When the social distancing order was first instituted, Redpath found herself alone and facing an uncertain future. She suffered professional setbacks, grappled with isolation for the foreseeable future and her powerlessness in the face of it all. In the midst of this fear and anxiety of the unknown, The Collective was born and the compulsively private Redpath let the world into her 540 square-foot apartment. 

“In Co-Active Coaching we talk about the balance of two opposite forces of human nature: being and doing. Being: letting life happen. Doing: making life happen. I’m such a doing person and I’ve realized this is a time of being. What has emerged for me, in this powerful pause, started as grief, followed by grace, and finally gratitude. I realized I am in control of my mindset and my ability to create and to choose an intention bigger than the pain I was feeling. And so I connected my actions to a desire to be in service at this time,” shared Redpath. 

Every Saturday, the women of The Collective get together to join Redpath in an hour-long session of connection, mindfulness, learning and joy. It’s a refreshing escape from the din of the digital world and some of the contrived attempts by brands and influencers to connect to their audience in the wake of the virus. Each gathering begins with a brief introduction, followed by a mindfulness moment, a one-on-one breakout session, a special guest, a talk with Redpath, a live-giveaway and culminates in a virtual dance party. All of the individual segments perfectly capture the rollercoaster of emotions many of us are feeling right now. 

According to Redpath, “When we meet, we are able to focus on the here and now emotions that are coming in – good, bad and ugly. We observe those and process them collectively, which is much more powerful than on our own.”

While going on this rollercoaster with a group of women may seem distant and daunting, it is anything but. The Collective allows you to connect and forge friendships with women you would never have the opportunity to meet in person. In fact, some of the breakout one-on-one sessions have already led to new cross-country friends. And in the middle of it all, is the enthralling Redpath. She talks openly and honestly about the challenges, fears, anxieties, moments of joy and transformation she’s experienced over the last few weeks. She’s insightful, eloquent and someone you would readily hand over the reigns of your life to. 

And so many have. Redpath has helped many successful people realize their dreams and potential through Co-Active Coaching. According to Redpath, Co-Active means “being together…in action.” As a Co-Active coach, she helps people design the lives they want to live, be the person they want to be and create what they want to create. 

“I see myself as a potentialist. Although not an actual word in the dictionary, it’s a word that best describes who I am. I see you for your potential and can provide you with perspective. I see how you may inhibit your own progress, and how to prevent this from happening,” said Redpath. 

It’s the fact that her life’s work has been about helping people that makes this endeavour a truly authentic next step for Redpath. She has helped transform bodies, minds and lives for so many people and they don’t hesitate to sing her praises. And, after spending an hour with her, I get it. I attended my first session of The Collective not knowing what to expect. I went in as an observer, trying to gather material for this article, and ended up a permanent member of the group. Her candor and insight makes you feel like you’re spending time with an old friend while simultaneously getting a mini therapy/coaching session. And if nothing else, the virtual dance party at the end will make you feel like kindred spirits. 

The Collective meets every Saturday from 8:00 – 9:00 p.m., for free, on Zoom. To join the group, or to book a complimentary 30-minute coaching session, you can email her at Eva@evaredpath.com. You can also find her on Instagram, @EvaRedpath, and her website, www.EvaRedpath.com.