’s Summer Guide for Staying on Track

Doesn’t it seem like everywhere you look these days, everyone is either sipping on sangria, lounging on lawn chairs, or away on vacation? Well, everyone but you, that is. For young professionals it can sometimes feel as though summertime is only enjoyable for those who have time off, or for those who still have the ability to kill it at work after a long night out. For the rest of us, it’s business as usual, but with an extra kick of difficulty and even a bit of envy. If you are like us and are having a hard time not only staying away from the beers and patios in favour of staying on track, but also with accepting the fact that you have to work at all, we’ve compiled this list of recent notable articles that can help:

Summertime isn’t just about the sultry hot nights; it’s also about beautiful fresh mornings. Take advantage of the chirping birds and the bright seasonal sun by waking up early and getting ahead of the game.
Five Reasons to Wake Up Early this Summer.  

You can also take advantage of the wonderful weather while on the job by getting out of the boardroom and holding walking meetings outdoors.
Notable Workplace Trend: Walking Meetings

If long weekends are what you crave, look to these tips to help expedite your workweeks throughout the summer months.
Tips for the Four-Day Workweek.

When granted that precious downtime, be sure to take full advantage – but in a way that leaves you both relaxed and ready:
The Ups and Downs of Downtime

For those nights you find yourself having to be responsible (i.e. staying home) while your friends are out patio hopping, kick that fear of missing out (FOMO) by turning your time-out into a positive experience… plus other tips.
How to Handle FOMO.

For those evenings that you choose to join your colleagues or friends “for just one beer,” come ready with these tricks to help tear yourself away from the all the fun, get out the door, and into bed.
How to Call it a Night and Go Home.

And for those other nights, when you do choose to fully partake of the patio party fun, be sure to adequately prep for that ensuing hangover.
How to Psychologically Prep for your Next Hangover.

Don’t beat yourself up if you do succumb to that summertime temptation and end up calling in sick for work or cancelling other important commitments. Embrace the failure and learn.
Five Things to Love about Failure.

Finally, work on finding your own work/life balance this summer so you can best enjoy the season while still getting the job done.
Working Hard vs YOLO.