#NotableBusiness: Landscaping Company Eden App

With spring upon us (though it may not feel like it, lookin’ at you, single-digit temperatures), lawncare might be on your mind if you’re among one of the lucky ones to own property in and around the GTA.

Eden app is a landscaping company that has had to make some pretty big changes to its business model since the lockdown has come into effect. We chatted with them to learn more about how their pivoting to meet customer needs during Coronavirus.

Eden App is running a program where you can sponsor a frontline healthcare worker to receive a landscaping service. They are also donating all profits from this initiative to Food Banks Canada and Feeding America. You can find out more and nominate someone by visiting Healthcare Professional Sponsorship.

 Tell us in more detail how COVID-19 has changed your business.
We have implemented many new procedures to adapt to this challenging time. We provide contactless service visits by handling all communication and payments within the app. In addition, we have trained landscapers on best practices to clean their vehicles and equipment between visits and also to work in smaller crews. At the same time since its all platform and app based crews have always stayed a safe distance from the customer as all communication is done through the app.

What has been the best surprise in how people have shown up for you or your business during this time?
Our customers have very gracious during this time. Some of them have tipped generously to their landscapers in order to directly help Canadian small businesses.

What has been the easiest shift to make?
The easiest shift to make would have to be training our landscapers across Ontario (and all the US states that we service) on COVID-19 best practices. We are lucky to work with some really great people who excel in their field and are always looking for ways to adapt to the changing times so that we can all pull through together!

What about the hardest?
The hardest part of this all had been the economic impact on some of our customers. We only charge per service, so we have been able to put these accounts on hold until things pick up again for everyone.

What have you learned about connecting with your community during this time?
We had our first Zoom meeting with a great number of our landscapers to just chat and support each other during these times with tips and insight on how each one of us is dealing with the situation. It was nice to see so many familiar faces band together.

What’s the most important thing you’ve learned about your business) in light of what’s happening?
The most important thing that I’ve learned about my business in recent weeks is that I’m lucky to work with some really resilient people. We’ve all had to adapt to the ever-changing news and bylaws, and I was blown away by how quickly everyone was able to react.

What is the easiest thing people can do to support your business right now?
The easiest thing people can do to support the business is to continue their regular essential service appointments and of course let your family, friends and neighbours know about Eden App. Our goal is to keep up the exterior of your property so that you have a lush lawn to enjoy the summer months in – hopefully out of quarantine by then!

 Do you think Coronavirus is going to change your industry going forward? How?
I think this will have long-lasting changes in every industry, including landscaping. One example that comes to mind for us, instead of an in-person consultation for a spring cleanup or some of our larger landscaping offers we are having video calls with the customers. As well as limiting contact, many customers have given positive feedback about this since it means they don’t have to plan their days around the visit and it can be done remotely. Businesses are embracing the possibility of incorporating more remote work.

Connect with Edenapp at their website, Instagram, or on Facebook.