Notable Young Professional Trend: Infused Water

There’s no doubt about it: for we health-conscious young professionals (YPs), the current trend toward clean eating and natural ingredients is not just a fleeting fad, but is evolving into a way of life. As a result, refined sugars and artificial sweeteners have become just a few of our ultimate diet enemies, while antioxidants and plant-based foods have become our gods. It’s no surprise, then, that we can’t seem to get through our daily workouts nor our Instagram feeds without spotting all the beautiful bottles, pretty pitchers, and hipster mason jars (of course) stuffed with fresh fruits, herbs, and water. YPs are in love with naturally infused water as a healthy alternative to sugary juices and chemical-laden sodas. Simple to make, tasty to drink, and lovely to look at, infused waters are going to be huge among YPs this spring and summer. Read on for more about the healthy benefits of this refreshing trend, as well as our fave flavour combos and helpful tips and tricks.

Choose to Infuse
We’ve talked exhaustively here at Notable about the importance of hydration, yet so many YPs still admit to drinking less water than is required for optimal mind and body function. We hear ya! One of the main reasons that infused water has taken off is simply because it encourages us to drink more water. The added flavours and bright colours attract our attention and make it way more fun to reach our daily hydration quota. The added nutrients and antioxidants from the fruits, veggies, herbs, even flowers, also make us feel that we are getting more bang for our water-sipping buck. Best of all, the benefits of drinking infused water come without the added harm from refined sugars, chemical preservatives, fake colours, and all the other nasty additives that are so often found in commercially prepared beverages. And, of course, infused waters are uber-easy and cheap to make… and look gorgeous sitting on our desks and beside our yoga mats.

infused water - not your standard

Fave Flavour Combos
Spas have been serving up infused waters for some time now, and their usual, tried and true flavour combos are ones we can’t seem to get enough of, like cucumber-lemon-mint, raspberry-lime-basil, and orange, lemon, ginger. Today, with YPs and hipsters taking over the trend, there are so many creative combos that bring together unique ingredients, creating extra special tastes. Here’s our top 10:

1. Cucumber-orange-dried lavender
2. Peach-strawberry-sage
3. Raspberry-lemon-dried rose petals
4. Kiwi-strawberry-rosemary
5. Blackberry-lemon-thyme
6. Sour cherry-lime-vanilla bean
7. Blueberry-pineapple-dried coconut.
8. Cantaloupe-blackberry-mint
9. Apple-orange-cinnamon
10. Watermelon-cucumber-rosemary

infused water

Tips and tricks.
When making your own fabulous infused water, be sure to rinse all fresh fruits and herbs before you get to slicing and chopping. If fresh are not available, frozen fruits can also be used, as well as dried herbs. After throwing in your natural goodies, allow it all to chill and infuse for at least an hour or as long as overnight. Obviously, the longer it sits the more flavour and nutrients you’ll get. Infused water can also be enhanced with natural sweeteners such as agave nectar, honey, or stevia, or by using all or part coconut water. Also, for an extra metabolism boost, throw in a dash of cayenne. For added cleansing power, try some turmeric.

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