Notable Ways to Beat the Heat

Is it just us, or has this summer been overtly and brutally humid? We’re barely halfway through the season, and already we’re feeling the effects of the heat. Hot and dry summers are easier on us Canucks – we love basking in the sun and lounging on the beach. But when the heat is on and the humidity’s cranked, we tend to feel a little…drained. Makes sense, since we end up sweating heavier as we attempt to breathe through the sponge-like air. With this in mind, we’ve decided help show you ways we keep our bodies cool and fuelled and full of hydration.

Iced Cold Bevvies
Iced teas, lemonades, all-natural juices, and of course, the best of all, plain as rain water. Keeping fully hydrated is exceedingly important when your body’s sweat glands kick into fountain mode. Iced teas – made naturally, like using some awesome flavours from DAVIDsTEA – are a great way to get a little caffeine and a whole lot of refreshment. Lemonade and all-natural juices (leave the concentrates alone) help replenish our vitamins and give us a little energy boost. And like those Nestle PureLife commercials show us, if we’re losing water out there in the heated abyss, why don’t we just drink more water? (Tip: The typically accepted maxim for water intake is about eight cups per day. During this incessant humidity, we’d suggest upping that by about 50 per cent.)

Iced Teas
Get Your Greens
Deep greens like spinach and kale carry excess iron and are packed with nutrients. Cucumbers, celery and zucchini are perfect for munching on raw and have a high water content. And basically, it’s salad season, whether you want to admit it or not. One of our favourite summer salads? Toss spinach, some pecans and a little dried fruit together, pour on a little balsamic and olive oil and top with a smidge of goat’s cheese.


Coconut Water
This nectar of life is quite possibly one of the best natural sources for replenishing your missing electrolytes. It doesn’t hurt that it has a mildly sweet flavour either. Stock up and drink one or two cups per day. Your body will feel more energized, and you’ll help avoid sunstroke during those beach volleyball tourneys. By the way, it’s a great hangover cure too.

coconut water

When it comes to fruit, you really can’t go wrong so far as getting your nutrients is concerned. But if you stick with items from the melon family – watermelon, cantaloupe, honeydew, etc – you’ll give yourself that extra boost of hydration and you’ll also find yourself keeping cooler body temperatures when combined with deep greens…at least we do. (PS Steer clear of bananas. With all the rain we had earlier in the season, mosquito populations are massive this year, and they find the smell of people who eat bananas very a-peel-ing. PPS Sorry for the pun.)


Iced Coffees and Booze
Alright, as unfortunate as it is to say, this humidity calls for a separation – not a breakup, don’t worry – from hot coffee and hard liquor. (We’ll give you a moment to gather your thoughts.) Heavily caffeinated beverages have a somewhat diuretic effect, not cool for those days when you’re dripping wet with sweat. Switch to an iced coffee instead, which is definitely more refreshing. And because of the mound of ice your favourite brew is poured on, you’re getting some extra water in with your morning fix. When it comes to getting your party on, try to stick to beers – which are one of the “better” choices for at least getting some water into your system – and cocktails made with natural fruit juices and purees – at least there’s a tiny hint of nutritional value there. Say goodbye to shots and liqueurs on the rocks…or stock up on coconut water and chug some back when you stumble home.


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